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About Us

Mind+Beauty: The Next Generation in Skincare


We are passionate about skin and passionate about science and Mind+Plus Beauty grew out of our belief that the mind makes an important contribution to the beauty of the skin. Whether it’s a restful night’s sleep, a reduction in stress or a positive frame of mind, they all contribute to the goal of achieving healthy-looking, radiant skin.

Our carefully curated botanical Beauty Oils were chosen for their abilities to:

  • Enhance skin hydration and moisture retention
  • Protect skin from harmful and aging UV radiation
  • Promote skin repair
  • Provide a barrier to protect the skin from environmental damage
  • Provide benefit across a wide range of skin types

These oils contain a range of natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and emollients that help promote healthy, soft and radiant skin.

At the same time that our Beauty Oils are revitalizing your skin, the Essential Oils in our products enhance the quality of daily life and provide benefit to mind, body and spirit. Our initial trio of products (more to come!) feature combinations of carefully sourced essential oils that: 

  • Promote a deeper more restful sleep
  • Boost to your energy level
  • Help achieve a more positive state of mind 

As a company we are committed to sustainability and enriching beauty naturally with natural products.