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Essential Oils and You

Posted by Elizabeth on Jul 7th 2019

The driving force behind all our products is to combine two great ideas: the skin benefits of carrier oils with the life-enhancing properties of essential oils.A good short review of the subject fr … read more

Beauty Sleep and Sleeping Beauty

Posted by Elizabeth and Maria on Jun 18th 2019

Sleep, not surprisingly, is much in the news these days as evidenced by today’s article, Getting a Good Night's Sleep Without Drugs in The New York Times. We live our lives 24/7 these days and sleep … read more

Save the Date!

Apr 20th 2019

SAVE THE DATE!We are excited to announce that we have been invited to participate at a special event on Saturday May 11th at the Peloton Showroom on Madison Avenue (1156 Madison Avenue to be precise … read more
Introducing Special Order Oils!

Introducing Special Order Oils!

Posted by Elizabeth and Maria on Feb 5th 2019

February 5, 2019Happy February everyone! I always feel sorry for February—it’s a month that is not only short-changed in days but also seems to function merely as a bridge between the gloom of a Jan … read more

Moringa Magic

Jan 27th 2019

Hello there and welcome to winter which has hit us big time here in the Big Apple. In between dodging polar vortices and protecting our skin from the elements we like to catch up on our reading. And … read more