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Beauty Sleep and Sleeping Beauty

Posted by Elizabeth and Maria on Jun 18th 2019

Sleep, not surprisingly, is much in the news these days as evidenced by today’s article, Getting a Good Night's Sleep Without Drugs in The New York Times.

We live our lives 24/7 these days and sleep can be elusive leading to the use of pharmaceutical remedies. While these have their place, they come at a price including next day grogginess, forgetfulness and even fatigue, which is why the Times article focuses on alternative remedies. We agree.

Because of its importance, The Beauty of Sleep was the first product that we developed here at Mind+Beauty. There is a reason people call it "beauty sleep.” It's hard to have healthy, good looking skin without it. And it’s not just the dark circles that are concerning.

Lack of sleep can reduce collagen production and this decreases the skin's ability to act as a barrier. This in turn can lead to increased risk of breakouts and infections and also to a lack of moisture and to flakiness. In addition, lack of sleep can increase cortisol production which affects the skin’s composition and integrity and can cause thinning, fine lines and decreased elasticity.

During the sleep process, the body repairs and restores both our minds and our bodies. Increased blood flow to the skin maintains a fresh appearance and lack of sleep can result in a pasty, dull look that no one wants. And those raccoon eye occur because lack of sleep causes an increase in the dilation of the blood vessels under the eye.

We, like the experts in The New York Times prefer to address the problem in a natural way.

We developed The Beauty of Sleep as a multi-pronged solution to the problem of lack of sleep. It is chock full of beneficial beauty oils to nourish and replenish the skin, including those selected for their potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that combat fine lines and help with barrier protection and moisture retention. But these oils also serve as a base to slowly release a complex mixture of essential oils that will help you sleep better and deeper throughout the night. So you get skin benefits two ways: better, deeper sleep and also through rich skin supportive oils.

Perhaps nowhere more than with respect to sleep are the effects of the mind on the body more pronounced. And nowhere else can natural remedies play as important a role in helping us both look and feel our best. We hope you enjoy our contribution to helping you take care of yourself and your skin. Sweet Dreams!