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Christmas Shopping Dilemma

Christmas Shopping Dilemma

Posted by Elizabeth on Dec 18th 2018

Christmas shopping!

Battling the festive hordes has long been an annual tradition here in New York City, although lately this has been more a matter of digitally hunting for out of stock items already bagged by one’s retail competitors rather than anything in the corporeal realm.

But yesterday I entered the physical fray in search of a perfect cocktail dress that would hopefully cost less than my monthly rent. The big question before embarking on this arduous quest however, was which of our facial oils to use.They all do great things for my skin, and are particularly beneficial for protection and hydration during vigorous winter sports such as shopping, but which one would best help me cope?

Should I use The Beauty of Energy to confer the extra stamina needed to try on three sizes of everything because women’s clothing is sized by an arcane and mysterious system that is a closely guarded retail secret. Which is usually a moot point because cocktail dresses seem to have an uncanny ability to look terrific on the rack but make me look like a refuge from a costume shop. Feathers you know who you are.

Or should I opt for The Beauty of Calm so I can stay Zen when I discover the perfect dress but find it displayed in every size from triple zero to infinity except the one I want?

And what about the fact that no matter what they do to dressing room lighting, it seems to bring out every lump, bump and bulge in high relief leading to new and unwanted discoveries? Surely a case for The Beauty of Uplift to make me feel less bad about looking so bad.

Normally I use The Beauty of Focus when I need extra help concentrating and focusing on important projects such as writing blog posts, but perhaps the oil would also prevent me from getting distracted by the shoe department and keep me on the straight and narrow of cocktail dresses? Worth a shot perhaps.

Just about the only oil not suited to non-digital Christmas shopping would be The Beauty of Sleep—that one I used to get a good night’s rest in spite of the recurring nightmare that I am in a video game pursued by selfie taking foreign tourists.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings