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Essential Oils and You

Posted by Elizabeth on Jul 7th 2019

The driving force behind all our products is to combine two great ideas: the skin benefits of carrier oils with the life-enhancing properties of essential oils.A good short review of the subject from Ohio State Medical Center can be found at here.

The addition of essential oils to beauty-oriented skin oils has many benefits. Some essential oils have anti-microbial activity and others are themselves good for the skin. But it is primarily for their benefits on our minds and our sense of well-being that we choose to use them.But why and how do they work? And how is our approach to their use different.

Essential oils are the distilled essence of the plant from which they originate and the first thing we notice about them is their distinct fragrance.This is because they contain small airborne components that we can inhale.It is these inhaled components that affect the chemistry in our brains and are primarily responsible for the variety of beneficial effects of these oils. It is also why their use is often referred to as aromatherapy.

Essential oils are complex mixtures and while we may think of eucalyptus oil for instance as being a single product from the eucalyptus tree, it is in reality composed of many different ingredients all of which can be measured and analyzed. Unlike drugs, which are single entities, the complex mixtures of essential oils may act across many systems, so it is important to understand what these components do and how much of them are present in each oil.As an example, the eucalyptus oil we incorporate in the Beauty of Focus differs from the one commonly used in many other products because it is strongly enriched for a component responsible for enhancing cognition.And none of our products contain lavender because we feel it has too many components that act too weakly across too many systems for our purposes.

Our approach to our selection of which essential oils to use is also different. They do not come from any of the many aromatherapy book available. Instead, we start with an intensive investigation of the scientific literature to identify both oils and their components that have documented mechanisms of action on specific enzymes and receptors known to provide benefit. It is a labor intensive process and sometimes there is no commercial source of an oil of interest and other times a source exists but is extremely difficult to locate.

We test the essential oils identified through our process in variety of combinations and formulations (on ourselves, our friends, our colleagues and family) to identify the ones that work the best.

The beauty oils in our products also have a role to play in addition to their benefits to the skin: they are formulated to hold and to slowly release the essential oils over time to provide an extended aromatherapy session without the need to take an aromatherapy bath or book an aromatherapy massage.Our products work while you go about your daily life. It’s a modern way to take care of yourself while taking care of your skin.