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Frozen in New York

May 28th 2018

The desk of a Skincare Mogul

January 7, 2018

So, much skincare stuff ground to the proverbial halt this week as we awaited supplies that were stuck in airports all over the country. But rather than twiddle our frozen thumbs, Maria and I engaged in a ferocious competition to see whose apartment was colder and who was wearing more clothing to bed. Extra points were awarded for the wearing of a hat. It was pretty much of a draw but she won because her hot water supply became a tepid water supply which made for some exciting showers. I, on the other hand, have completely porous windows which means I co-exist with an invigorating breeze whistling through. The co-op in which I live is finally going to replace everyone’s windows—-in July. One brave little box did manage to squeak through the storm where it arrived at my building bearing Maria’s name, the wrong apartment number, and a telephone number ironically in California. If only.

But eventually the cavalry in the form of UPS arrived with our supplies and we spent today fabricating a new round of prototypes for our testing pleasure. Should be an exciting week for our skin. Also, the list of stuff we need keeps growing and now includes more storage space for assorted lab equipment, bigger cleaning brushes, something to prevent the mound of concocting glassware from shattering when it slips through slippery, soapy fingers and new, much larger apartments with hot water and functioning windows.

Also today, Maria learned to use a micropipette —she was pretty excited about it and especially liked the forceful tip ejection mechanism. I think she has plans for shooting the tips that don’t necessarily include hitting the garbage can, especially when I backseat pipette. She hates that.

In other exciting news, we spoke to our first designer about a logo and got offers of international help with both ingredient sourcing and marketing. Not bad for two freezing women with prototype products. We are moguls in the making! Today skincare, tomorrow sleep hats!

Stay safe, stay warm and take care of your skin. It’s one of our favorite organs.