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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Dec 2nd 2018

Happy Holidays! The festive season is once again upon us and as you can see we got a little carried away taking some seasonal pictures for our Instagram feed.

And speaking of seasonal matters, winter skincare news is front and center in our minds these days. The constant changes from heated indoors to cold outdoors present special challenges and can increase skin damage. In fact Refinery29 had an excellent article on the subject winter skin.

Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner noted in the article that the combined dryness of winter’s cold temperatures and heated indoor air can lead to a significant loss of hydration and ultimately to inflammation and he, along with dermatologist Jennifer MacGregor, recommend thicker moisturizers to protect the skin’s barrier.Fortunately, we can help with these issues. Our next-generation facial oils contain natural skincare ingredientsthat are potent anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to both combat and prevent winter damage and to provide robust barrier protection so you can look your best all winter long.

And you can also feel your best too, as each of our new skincare products offer important

wellness benefits for sleep, energy, uplift calm and focus. We call our approach mechanism-based skincare because our products contain essential oils whose components were selected for their biological mechanisms of action.It’s a new beauty concept that provides an extended aromatherapy session and skincare in the same time—perfect for this busy time of year.

We like to say that our company is based on science and devoted to beauty but we are also devoted to the idea that taking care of yourself is the foundation of beautiful skin. So we wish everyone the happiest of holidays and the most radiant of skin!

Elizabeth & Maria

PS: It’s not just dinosaurs that we like, but animals too, so all our products are cruelty free.