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Holiday Hijinks!

Feb 14th 2014

The couch of a skincare mogul?

December 30, 2017

Well the good news is that Jacob Marley’s ghost did not visit me over Christmas, but he really had every right to. Maria and I spent Christmas Day opening boxes of lab equipment and reviewing our options for ecommerce software. The finalists are Shopify and Big Commerce but we didn’t pull the trigger on either. They each have their advantages and disadvantages and we’re pretty sure that whichever one we select we will wish we had chosen the other. The perils of making major decisions about a business that so far exists only in our minds and on our credit cards.

Maria is off this week, so we’ve been putting the time to good use working on the business and uncorking (or more accurately untwisting) a bottle of wine and eating insanely caloric takeout food. No mystery what our New Year’s resolutions are going to be.

During one such meeting we made the unpleasant discovery that the packaging we wanted doesn’t appear to exist. This in spite of extensive and diligent internet searching—another one of Maria’s heretofore non-monetizable skills. If she can’t find it online, there is a very high probability that it doesn’t exist. So, one of my first tasks in the New Year is to contact packaging companies and see what our options are and how much it is going to ding our gross margin. Ditto label companies. If concocting is Maria’s responsibility, finance is mine. Also, the science stuff. I couldn’t sleep after the excitement of one of our meetings and dug out my old-school, printed copy of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine hoping to do a little light bedtime reading about skin. Sadly, the tome only contained info on the kinds of things that happen to skin that no one wants to have happen to skin, so I had to content myself with a little light reading about labels instead.

Also, noteworthy this week, Maria tried multiple attempts at making a facial cream that three different YouTube videos demonstrated to be simple and easy. In spite of my moral support and helpful suggestions from the peanut gallery, she ended up with three bowls of glop. Although I would have been happy to provide more tangible assistance, I am not permitted anywhere near the kitchen owing to a multiplicity of unfortunate incidents involving that room. But no worries, cream –wise, they are not part of our initial launch lineup. With respect to these, Maria concocted some new prototypes and we braved record cold here in the Big Apple to deliver them to our volunteer product testers, otherwise known as our hairdressers.

Emails also went out this week to various potentially exploitable members of Maria’s family. We await their enthusiastic response.

Our New Year’s celebrations are likely to look a whole lot like the ones we enjoyed at Christmas—we will be ensconced with books, beakers laptops and booze (in moderation of course—we don’t want anyone (or really Maria’s mother) to get the wrong idea here.

Happy New Year! Stay safe, stay warm and buy our products later this year!