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Introducing Special Order Oils!

Introducing Special Order Oils!

Posted by Elizabeth and Maria on Feb 5th 2019

February 5, 2019

Happy February everyone! I always feel sorry for February—it’s a month that is not only short-changed in days but also seems to function merely as a bridge between the gloom of a January winter and the hope of a March spring.So we decided to spice up the month a bit by doing something rather exciting.

From time to time since we began our business, we have been approached by various friends, relatives and business colleagues who requested that we research and create oils that could help them with various wellness and skin issues.We happily dove into the scientific literature and our extensive formulary to see what we could do for these folks.Everyone seemed pretty pleased with what we produced, so it occurred to us that maybe there were others out there who would also like these products.

Fanfare please-- we call these products Special Order Oils and since they are not in full commercial production, they come at a discounted price and with minimal packaging.But don’t hold that against them—they are awesome!Have a look:

Anti-Anxiety Oil is for when you are in a high stress situation and are perhaps feel like you are being enveloped by feelings of impending doom.We are pretty sure that the doom might not be as bad as it looks, but to help keep those feelings in check, try some of this oil.

Balance Oil (aka PMS Oil) is a tension tamer to help reduce mood swings during that time of the month and also to help manage skin eruptions and breakouts.

Cool Oil is designed to help reduce the hot flashes and night sweats that can occur during times of hormonal imbalance. It’s an especially rich formulation that helps support skin during this time.

Comfort Oil is an oil we designed to shut down stress itch on the hands.Turns out is also works on other types of skin itches.

And finally an oil that we are super excited about—this one actually does not have a wellness benefit, it is just tremendous for your skin so we call it Beautiful Skin Oil.This is a re-texturizing oil that has a few uses, the first being that it is just terrific for your complexion, especially the pesky bit under the eyes where it tightens and firms.But if you have patches of eczema or psoriasis, routine use reduces inflammation so the skin both looks and feels better.

So that’s it for now. To order any of these (free shipping in the continental US) just add them to your shopping cart like any of our other products.Let’s make February special!