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Shopping Internationally - Shipping Internationally

Feb 17th 2020

Some things are pretty universal and we like to think that wanting great skin is one of them.

Skincare might be global but unfortunately, we have found to our dismay, that shipping is not. It is one of our great frustrations around here that every day people outside of the US want to buy our products and we want to sell them our products. What is standing in our collective ways is the price of international shipping. We can offer free shipping in the US but the cost to ship internationally is prohibitive for both the seller and the buyer. Who wants to buy something and then pay a large percentage of the price just to have it shipped? Not us, and as evidenced by the number of international abandoned carts we see each day, not you either. And that’s with the discounts offered through our EasyShip app.

We have talked with all the usual suspects but neither the shipping companies nor the US Post Office have any solution other than ecommerce “best price” and “reduced rates” that only trim a few percentage points off the problem.

We are global people with a global brand and rest assured, that we will not give up on our relentless quest to find a way to ship everywhere at a reasonable price. But what to do in the meantime? We have a few suggestions for those outside the US:

Buy more than one item. If you buy a greater dollar total of product, it will spread the shipping cost and decrease the per item cost of shipping. Since our products are small the price to ship one bottle is the same as the price to ship several.

Put together a group order. Alternatively, if you have friends who might like to try our products, put together a group order—same logic as above

Coming to the US? If you, friends or family are coming to the continental US, we can ship free to wherever you are staying and you can take home a skincare souvenir.

Explore a Packaging Forwarding Service. We don’t have any personal experience or ties to any of these companies, but if you’re someone who likes to shop on US websites it may make sense. Here is a link to an article that we found that reviews these services and their options Best Parcel Forwarding Services for International Shoppers

We will continue the hunt!

Maria and Elizabeth

PS: And speaking of international things, check out our favorite travel vlogger, Australian Dennis Bunnik, who used our Beauty of Sleep oil on a recent flight! Dennis Bunnik Vlog