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Beauty Sleep and Sleeping Beauty

Posted by Elizabeth and Maria on Jun 18th 2019

Sleep, not surprisingly, is much in the news these days as evidenced by today’s article, Getting a Good Night's Sleep Without Drugs in The New York Times. We live our lives 24/7 these days and sleep … read more
Christmas Shopping Dilemma

Christmas Shopping Dilemma

Posted by Elizabeth on Dec 18th 2018

Christmas shopping!Battling the festive hordes has long been an annual tradition here in New York City, although lately this has been more a matter of digitally hunting for out of stock items alrea … read more
Why these?

Why these?

Dec 9th 2018

Everyone remembers what it is like to be in love. Those first intoxicating weeks when just going to the grocery store together can constitute the ne plus ultra of romantic experiences. The world see … read more

The Fun Begins

Jul 26th 2018

July 26, 2018 We launched our brand last week. However, I am precluded from telling you just how exciting this was because I have been severely spoken to by my co-founder about my overuse of excl … read more


Jul 15th 2018

July 16, 2018Well it’s been quite some time since you heard from us—last time we were freezing here in The Big Apple and now we’re sweltering.But we haven’t just been lounging around consuming adult … read more