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Tis Almost the Season

Posted by Elizabeth on Nov 2nd 2019

The weather has finally begun to change here in New York City in a way that makes us think of the impending holidays and of skincare (but to be fair, pretty much everything makes us think of skincare--last week we signed up for an Animal Encounter at the Bronx Zoo and when we met Peaches the Warthog, Maria leaned over to me and whispered “Don’t you think his skin looks dry?”).

Anyway, if you are considering a little early holiday shopping either for yourself or others, check out this article in our favorite beauty site, Byrdie. (spoiler alert: you might notice a familiar name).

But as much as we love holiday beauty shopping and the brisk cold air swirling around us, even winter babies like us have to admit that the weather presents a perfect storm of skincare badness. Outside our skin faces blasts of dry, cold air (bad) and inside it faces blasts of dry warm air (even more bad).

These conditions not only leach precious moisture from our holiday complexions but the inflammation and irritation they cause can result in gaps between the skin cells—think moisture out, irritants in. And unless perhaps you’re Mrs. Claus, red winter skin is not a good look.

So what to do? And not to do?

Think about changing your seasonal skincare regimen the way you change your wardrobe.

  1. Moisturize, moisturize moisturize! Use products that moisturize and enhance barrier protection and use them often (we can recommend a few :-) And in an unabashed plug, we point out that our products also contain potent, all natural anti-inflammatories).
  2. Invest in a humidifier. It will be your best friend on those long, cold days and nights when radiant heat threatens to suck the moisture from your skin.
  3. Use sunscreen. Yes, even in winter the sun’s rays can damage our skin leading to the dreaded fine lines. We think the leathery look should be reserved for handbags and shoes and not for our precious complexions.
  4. Use gentle cleansers and go light on the exfoliants during the season. Be kind and gentle to your skin.
  5. OK, this one is tough—long hot showers and baths (of which we are inordinately fond), may be helpful for our mood and muscles but not so much for our skin. (we are going to be experimenting with using some of our products during our lengthy winter ablutions and will let you know how it goes).
  6. Finally, something our mothers probably told us because it’s the common sense kind of thing they always say—don’t go out into the cold with damp skin. Even if you are late and in a rush, restrain the impulse. Your skin will thank you.

So there you have it—good products, good practices, great skin! Enjoy the weather!

Until next time.

Elizabeth and Maria