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Why these?

Why these?

Dec 9th 2018

Everyone remembers what it is like to be in love. Those first intoxicating weeks when just going to the grocery store together can constitute the ne plus ultra of romantic experiences. The world seems a happier, brighter place full of joy and peace.We remember the feeling but not the look. I remember my mother grilling me about what new skincare product I had discovered and my brother asking if I had had plastic surgery.

How we feel can have a powerful effect on how we look, a fact that has not gone unnoticed in the medical community. Dermatologist skincare guru Amy Wechlser even wrote a book about it a number of years ago called Mind-Beauty Connection.So developing a skincare line that also helps people feel better seemed like a natural extension.

We often get asked how we decided on which wellness benefits to include in our products. I think the answer to this lies in our experiences living in New York City.It’s a large, fast-paced world city with so much to do in so little time that the choices seemed obvious. Sleep and the lack thereof was our first priority, if for no other reason than everyone can relate to what it’s like to wake up looking like a racoon and discovering new lines that seemed to spring up overnight. When I use The Beauty of Sleep, I no longer feel like having a nap at three in the afternoon and Maria no longer has recourse to her snooze button.

Then there was Energy, a commodity with which navigating life in New York is essential and an attribute that is universally admired, whether in the office or at the gym.I am able to do more on my exercise bike,Maria cut time off her morning walk to the office and we both seem to get more done during the day.

Uplift was also a natural choice. The downside of all the energy and excitement of New York is that sometimes it gets to be a bit much and any setbacks stand out in high relief. This too shall pass, but before it does, why not use a facial oil that might help?

New York is a wonderful city, but also a stressful one, so we felt that a skincare product for calm was also essential.One ride on a subway at rush hour makes it obvious why.

And then there is one of my personal favorites, focus.Nothing is more vexing than trying to completean important project and finding that the clock on one’s power of concentration has run out before the project is done.I am working on a biography of our dog, Wimsey the Bloodhound and very much like in real life, there is only so much time you can spend with him. The Beauty of Focus extends the amount of time I can devote to cataloguing his glories.

So that’s our story, and if New York inspired our products in normal times, the inspiration doubles during Christmas. A magical time of the year but also one that’s hard on the skin, inside and out. But we are New Yorkers and we wouldn’t have it any other way.