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Our Story

Our story began, as so many good stories do, over margaritas.

Elizabeth began to tell Maria about a new approach to her sleep issues. The sleep medication that her doctor had prescribed (you know who you are Ambien) left Elizabeth with competing urges to nap, consume the contents of her refrigerator or to do grievous bodily harm to anyone even mildly irritating. So although she thought she had slept, her body told her otherwise.

So given that her background was in molecular biology and that she had an abiding interest in neuroscience, Elizabeth began to investigate whether the inhaled components of essential oils could push her into a deeper sleep.

As she held forth on this most fascinating topic, Maria, who is obsessed with skincare the way Elizabeth is obsessed with science, suggested that while Elizabeth was poking around with neurochemistry she might also devote some time to investigating the interesting skin health and beauty benefits of different oils.

Who exactly said what to whom and when is lost in the mists of both time and margaritas, but the upshot was the thought that wouldn’t it be great if there was a single product that could do amazing things to your skin and also help you sleep? From there, it was a quick leap to thinking about a range of skincare products that could simultaneously provide other wellness benefits and before the arrival of the guacamole the ideas for Energy, Uplift, Calm and Focus were born.

Elizabeth continued her research and together with Maria, created a number of formulations based on documented, data-driven mechanisms of action, which they initially tested on themselves. Those that proved effective advanced to be tested on a wider group of relatives, friends. and colleagues. Maria wanted to be sure that the chosen formulations worked on multiple skin types and Elizabeth wanted to be sure that they were effective across diverse ethnicities.

We are thrilled to share the results of that evening with you and hope you enjoy our products (and please think of us the next time you have a margarita)!