Skincare with Aromatherapy


Skincare With A Purpose

our aromatherapy skincare is made from sustainable sources

feel good, look good

made by women committed to enriching beauty inside and out

How do our products work?

The MIND oils:  Essential oils are the
concentrated essence of plants. When we inhale their fragrances, they activate different portions of our brains to create many useful effects. The essential oils in The Beauty of Sleep and the Beauty of Calm work on the
areas of the brain associated with relaxation while the Beauty of Energy
works to inhibit the areas associated with fatigue. The Beauty of Focus
works on areas associated with enhanced cognition and The Beauty of Uplift
on regions that control mood.

Plus the Secret Sauce...

The BEAUTY oils: We mixed our potent and impactful MIND oils with the finest
skincare oils that are formulated to slowly release them and provide extended effects while also enhancing skin hydration and moisture retention and protecting skin from harmful aging UV radiation and other environmental damage. The Beauty
oils also accelerate skin repair and soothe skin eruptions and can be used
instead of or in addition to moisturizer and work across most skin types (even
oily skin where their balancing effect can actually reduce oil production).

Behind each of our oils is a story.

Ask us about them!



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