Elizabeth is to Mind as Maria is to Beauty

Our Founders Elizabeth + Maria


is responsible for the “Mind” portion of our unique beauty equation by virtue of her scientific training and abiding interest in neurochemistry and neurobiology. She has degrees from the University of Chicago, Columbia University and NYU and is a molecular biologist by training, having dropped out of her Ph.D. program in genetics to pursue an MBA (yes, we know, too many degrees!). In a previous and decidedly less beautiful life, she worked on Wall Street as a biotechnology stock analyst where she had the privilege of experiencing first-hand the effects of lack of sleep on the skin. When she takes her nose out of the scientific literature (which, much to the detriment of her social life, is seldom), she volunteers at the ASPCA, reads about places she wants to travel to but doesn’t have the time—the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Spring, Australia, being top of the list—and spends far too much time staying awake and thinking about new ways to terraform Mars. It’s a good thing she uses our oils.



blames her addiction to skincare on her Hungarian heritage, a country in which skincare is almost as important as paprikash. Maria cannot remember a time when she was not obsessed with skincare and beauty products as evidenced by the fact that they form the principle décor of her New York City apartment as well as taking up the lion’s share of room in her closets. If it’s been on the market, she’s tried it. When we said she was passionate about skincare we were really not kidding. Maria has put this encyclopedic knowledge to good use and has served as the unofficial skincare guru for all her friends and officemates. She has always dreamed of having her own skincare line. When she is not busy researching and testing oils or contemplating the many exciting new products to come, Maria thinks about the other great love of her life: bloodhounds. Having been owned by three of these baggy and wrinkly creatures (the irony is not lost on us), one of whom was an AKC champion and was shown at Westminster three times (Once by Elizabeth. Don’t ask), she dreams about having a house full of them. That is when she is not joining Elizabeth in planning fantasy trips to Alice Springs to look at the kangaroos.